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Montreal plastic & cosmetic surgery clinic │

Montreal plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic

The Clinique de chirurgie esthétique Île-des-Soeurs has been in operation for over 20 years, serving a vast clientele from the Greater Montréal region, its surrounding areas and even outside the province.

It is directed by two highly experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons, Dr. Jean-Louis Beaudoin and Dr. Jacques Bouchard. They are always ready to listen and to help you find definitive solutions to all your aesthetic needs and issues.

Our rates for the different types of surgery are comparable with the average charged by most of our colleagues. They include surgery, anesthesia, clinic charges and taxes. Our secretaries will be happy to give you more details upon request.

In addition to our two highly experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons, the Clinique de chirurgie esthétique Île-des-Soeurs uses complete and ultra-modern surgical facilities in proximity to our offices. The surgical suite has five operating rooms and a recovery room with ten beds, monitored by qualified, experienced nurses.

If you have to spend the night at the clinic following more complex surgery, such as a facelift or abdominal lift, two nurses will remain with you all night to care for you and check your dressings, vital signs and drains.

If you need a few days of convalescence under medical supervision, a specialized center is also located on Nuns' Island which includes a room monitored by nurses.