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Botox ®

What is the product BOTOX Cosmetic®?

BotoxCosmeticThe product BOTOX Cosmetic® is a natural purified protein that relaxes wrinkle–causing muscles creating a smoother, rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.

The product BOTOX Cosmetic® is extracted from bacteria and refined into a purified protein, which makes it a very safe medication. A simple, quick, minimally invasive non-surgical treatment that delivers great, natural-looking results.

The product BOTOX Cosmetic® is the only product of its kind with a proven 10-year safety record and a history of effective use in hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. In 2006, more than 5 million peoles received a treatment in the US alone

The treatment BOTOX Cosmetic® safety

  • The treatment BOTOX Cosmetic® has a proven and established safety profile.
  •  It is the only product of its type with more than 20 years of successful clinical experience in therapeutic conditions.
  • The treatment BOTOX Cosmetic® is approved in 70 countries and has been safely used for the treatment of a broad range of medical conditions such as cerebral palsy (in children as young as 2), post-stroke-related spasticity and hyperhidrosis.

How wrinkles form?

Movement of brow muscles causes the skin to crease. As skin becomes less elastic over time, repeated frowning creates visible lines and wrinkles.

BOTOX Cosmetic® treatment

With a few tiny injections, BOTOX Cosmetic Product® blocks the release of acetylcholine, the chemical that causes muscles to contract.
  • BOTOX Cosmetic® treatment is administered in a few tiny injections that relax the muscle by blocking nerve impulses that trigger wrinkle-causing muscle contractions.
  • Discomfort is minimal – often described as like an insect sting for a few seconds.
  • Patients can resume normal activities immediately.
  • Takes effect after 2-3 days, with full effect seen 7-14 days post treatment.

What regions of the face can be treated with BOTOX Cosmetic® product.

The product Botox Cosmetic® treats dynamic wrinkles in the upper face :

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows*,
  • Crows feet around the eyes,
  • Horizontal forehead wrinkles

  These lines may give an expression of anger, anxiety, sadness and tiredness. Other areas that can be treated are : Smoker's lines, Buny lines (Horizontal lines across the nose), Eyebrow lift(to shape the brow and open the eyes, neck ards and horizontal lines

BOTOX Cosmetic® treatment outcomes

  • The effects of Botox Cosmetic®  treatments will last 3-5 months
  • Treatments are repeated as per patients' wishes and results may last longer with repeated treatments.
  • The later wears off progressively – not suddenly and wrinkles will eventually return as before treatment.

Potential side effects

  • There have been no long-term side effects of Botox Cosmetic® treatments reported in >20 years of clinical use.
  • Most common side effect is tenderness or bruising at the injection site.