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Abdominal surgery

FAQ - Abdominal surgery

I gained 60 lbs with my first pregnancy, and I have large stretch marks below my navel. Can abdominal surgery get rid of them?

Pregnancy often leads to major stretch marks, caused by lax skin over the abdomen. The damage frequently appears after the first pregnancy. Certain types of skin are more prone to stretch marks, and heredity may also be a factor.

Unfortunately, working out at the gym or applying creams can't restore the skin's normal appearance. The damage is permanent. An abdominal lift, or "tummy tuck," can tighten the stomach muscles and get rid of stretch marks low on the belly. Stretch marks higher on the abdomen will be covered by your underwear after the operation and will be less visible when tightened by the surgery.

Do I have to have liposuction during an abdominal lift?

No. Generally speaking, an abdominal lift is enough to tighten the stomach and shape your waist. Sometimes fatty deposits on the hips or lower back will be suctioned out before the lift, to help the surgeon contour your waist.

For some patients, who do not have excess skin to be removed below the navel, a lower abdominoplasty, or "mini-tummy tuck," beneath the navel, is appropriate.

When can I resume normal activities?
After an abdominal lift, you must wear a girdle for the first month, and avoid any brusque or repetitive movements and sports. You can usually resume normal activities after 4 to 6 weeks.