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Facial Surgery

FAQ - Facial Surgery

What are the new techniques for making faces look more youthful, with the most natural look, and calling for the shortest convalescence?

Surgical incisions can be tiny, without losing any precision. It is possible to lift just the cheeks or just the neck with a mini-lift. Neck liposuction can make your neck look younger, without removing any skin. It is also possible to reduce lines in the front of the neck directly with a small incision under the chin.

Deep injections of different products, including Juvederm and Artesense, can fill out the skin over the cheekbones or plump the lips, giving the face a more youthful look. Botox is also an excellent muscle relaxant that reduces wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.

Synthetic support threads can also be placed under the skin to slow drooping, but this technique is still being developed.

What factors are most harmful to facial appearance over the long term?

It is well known, as many scientific articles have proven, that the sun's rays and nicotine from cigarettes are two important contributing factors to facial ageing, because of the way they affect the collagen in the skin. A healthy lifestyle and diet also help to keep your skin looking good. It is important not to traumatize the thin, delicate skin around the eyelids by rubbing it roughly. Allergy problems can also detract from the appearance of eyelids in the long term.

How long do the effects of facial or eyelid surgery last?

Once again, everything depends on your type of skin, your lifestyle and your exposure to the sun and cigarettes. Chronic illnesses can also have an impact on your appearance in the long term.

Generally speaking, the effects of facial surgery last about ten years. This does not mean, however, that you have to start all over again afterward. Little touch-ups can be enough to maintain good results for a longer time. Your surgeon can explain the options.

Can I go back in the sun ?

You should generally wait 3 to 4 months before exposing a scar to the sun; otherwise there is a risk of pigmentation. After surgery, the skin of the face remains fragile and sensitive for 6 to 12 months, and can quickly swell up in the sun or turn red. You will have to apply sunscreen and moisturizer to keep your skin supple.

What is the ideal age for this kind of surgery?

There is not really an ideal age. You have to be in good health, with normal laboratory test results. Needless to say, the younger you are the longer you will have to enjoy the benefits of this kind of surgery, if you require it.

How can I make the most of this kind of surgery?

There are all kinds of way to make the most of your younger face. A new haircut, new hair colour and updated make-up are all ways of complementing the results of the surgery. Sometimes longer hair can weigh down a face and undo some of the benefits.

Injections of products like Restylane, Juvederm or others are a good way of enhancing the surgical results.

How can I permanently get rid of those unsightly wrinkles on my upper lip?

They may or may not be related to smoking. There are different ways of plumping the lips and reducing the little wrinkles. Injections of fat or hyaluronic acid-based products (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm) can smooth out and greatly improve the appearance of such wrinkles. Mechanical dermabrasion or laser treatments are other options. Ask your surgeon.

I can't take much time off work. Can I be presentable quickly following facial surgery?

First of all, you have to closely follow your surgeon's advice so as to limit any side effects. It is essential that you sleep propped up for the first few days, and wear a chin band to support your face and limit swelling. Cold compresses applied to the eyelids at regular intervals also help to minimize bruising and swelling. Such natural products as arnica gel or pills, sold in drug stores, can also help you recover faster.

What causes those bags under my eyes that make me look tired?

They are little pads of fat that protrude (herniate) from the eye socket and migrate under the skin. The idea of the surgery is to remove some of this fat and push the rest back into the socket, and repair deeper tissues. Then the skin of the eyelid can be lifted. Such bags under the eyes may be congenital or caused by medical factors.

How can I know whether I need eyelid or eyebrow surgery, or both, to make me look younger?

Only the surgeon who examines you can tell whether there is excess eyelid skin, and whether it is related to a drooping eyebrow (ptosis). He may advise you to undergo a temporal or brow lift, possibly with upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasy). Sometimes just a temporal lift is enough to remove excess eyelid skin and rejuvenate your appearance.

After nose surgery, how many months will it take for my nose to assume its final shape?

It takes several months after this kind of surgery to see the final result – as with any facial surgery. Thicker skin also takes longer to recover and to adjust to the new underlying structure. Generally speaking, it will take 6 to 12 months before the final result appears. Open rhinoplasty, allowing the surgeon to work directly on the structures, causes more swelling and delays the final result by several months.